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Easy To Use Is An Understatement

Here's A Secret:
Ever wonder how detailers make a car look so good? It's the PRODUCTS they use!

Fast And Easy To Use With Excellent Results

For over 15 years, Jax Wax Car Care products have been used by the automotive trade. In that demanding environment where time is money - our products earned the reputation of providing excellent results, while at the same time being fast and easy to use . Word of mouth regarding the quality results and ease of use with Jax Wax products quickly spread and Jax Wax products became known on a national level.

Just Like The Professionals

Now you can purchase the same professional grade products, and enjoy the same results in less time – just like they do! Jax Wax Car Care products save you time, effort and money. The results will simply amaze you. In fact - we GUARANTEE IT!

It's Not Just Car Wax

A complete line of car care and detailing products dramatically cuts down your time to clean and add "sizzle" to your ride - all with results that you have not experienced before.

It's Also Not Just For Cars

Jax Wax Car Care Products work great on boats, bikes, fire trucks, trailers, RV's, campers, trucks, airplanes, buses and even around the house.

Professional Auto Detailing Products

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