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Secure Shopping
Secure Shopping
Frequently Asked Questions
This page covers frequently asked questions about our company and other information that will make your shopping experience go as smoothly as possible.

You'll find details on shipping costs, turnaround time, payment information, our return policy, and much more. If we don't answer your precise question here, please Email Us or call 602.635.0303.

What makes Jax Wax Car Care Products better than similar products?
All Jax Wax Car Care products have been designed and developed for use by professional detailers whose livelihood depend on products that work the first time, and must be fast and easy to use.

Consequently they are designed to be of higher strength and potency, more versatile in their applications, and lower cost per application and per unit of measure.

For example, products like Shine All are designed to be mixed with water to create anywhere from a very high shine, to a satin, or a matte finish depending on your application and preferences. If you try to change to appearance of most retail products, you might as well throw them in the trash.

This versatility coupled with low unit costs make our products superior to many other car care products offered in traditional retail markets.

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Do you manufacture all of your own products?
Our products are manufactured at our parent company’s plant in Columbus, Ohio. We do not manufacture accessories such as applicators, spray bottles, and the like. We only resell products that we sell to the professional detail trade and we have found to be of excellent quality.

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Why are you selling Jax Wax Car Care products on a web site?
Throughout the course of selling products to the professional detailing trade, demand from individuals has gotten so great that we needed to create a formal distribution pipeline to satisfy demand.

We regularly get calls from people all over the United States wanting our products shipped to them, which has grown purely from word of mouth. The Internet allows us to satisfy that demand in a seamless manner, which is also the most convenient way for customers with out regard to their location or time zone.

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Is it safe to store the products in my garage over the winter?
We recommend that you do not let our products freeze, which can severely effect the performance, application and qualities.

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How long does it take to get my order?
We ship every day, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please allow 2-5 business days for normal delivery, depending on your location. Very rarely, we experience back orders. We will keep you informed if your order experiences one.

You can also select the method of shipment, such as Next Day Air, 2 Day, etc. when you place your order.

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How much are the shipping charges?
We normally ship via UPS. Our shopping cart allows you to select a shipping method such as UPS Ground or Next Day Air and automatically adds your shipping charges when you put items into the cart.

The weight of each product is added and is calculated from UPS price tables when you order based on your zip code and selected delivery method.

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Do you ship to international addresses?
We use UPS wherever available. Charges will vary depending on your location. Email or phone us for estimates.

Because of increasing fraud in overseas orders, all orders placed with an overseas address will be verified via email before processing. If you do not respond to our email, the order will not be processed.

Fraudulent use of credit card numbers is immediately reported to our credit card service, the issuing bank, and appropriate legal authorities! For more information on international orders, please Email Us.

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What are your payment procedures? Is it secure?
We accept MasterCard and Visa credit card payments. We are unable to offer credit, consignments or C.O.D. shipments.

Credit Cards
Feel secure when you use our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Shopping Cart system for credit card acceptance. It is secure and encrypted when you transfer your credit card information with our SSL Shopping Cart. For more information about the security of Jax Wax of AZ, LLC. please view the Security Certificate on our store pages.

Please DO NOT E-MAIL us your credit card number!
Regular e-mail is not a secure way to transfer private information.
If you order via e-mail, and you would like to pay with your credit card, a Jax Wax of AZ Representative will call you at your convenience and get your credit card information.

Money Orders
We are happy to accept your money order and will ship your product immediately upon receipt of a money order.

Personal Check
For payment by personal check, please allow for the check to clear before we can ship your products (typically 3 - 5 business days).

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What are your guarantee, return and exchange policies?
Our Guarantee is very simple - Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back, period.
In the rare case when you receive a defective or incorrect product, return it for an exchange or a full refund within 30 days from the date we shipped it.

Please read this section carefully before you return any products.

Advance authorization is required for all returns & exchanges. Simply notify us via phone at 602.635.0303 or Email Us - whichever is more convenient, before returning product.

If the return is due to defect or an error on our part, we will either provide a postage-paid mailer (when there is sufficient time) or reimburse you for the shipping cost to return the item.

We reserve the right to refuse any products returned without prior authorization.

If you paid by credit card, we will credit your card. You cannot receive a check or cash refund if you paid by credit card.

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Do you charge Sales Tax?
Arizona residents must add 9.3% sales tax to their order. No taxes will be charged to your order unless you are an Arizona resident. Duty may be applied if you are ordering from outside the USA. Some countries charge taxes on goods shipped into their countries, so please check with your local authorities about their taxes. You are responsible for paying them and they will not be included in the invoice.

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Why does water bead up better on a well waxed car?
Water is a polar molecule, composed of two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom. Water molecules like to stick to one another, like small magnets. This is called cohesion.

Water molecules also can be attracted to other substances, such as metal or dirt, especially if they have some static charge on them. This is called adhesion.

Lastly, some substances are not at all attracted to water, and even repel it. These include oils, fats and waxes; all of which are called non-polar substances.

When water falls on an unwaxed car, the forces of adhesion are almost as strong as the forces of cohesion, and the water spreads out. Furthermore, if the painted surface is not perfectly smooth, water can be channeled for some distance along tiny ridges and valleys. This is particularly true if there is dirt on the car. The dirt itself may be charged, and attract water even more. These tiny flaws may not be readily visible without a magnifying glass, but you can sense a rough surface when you run your hand over it. On such a rough surface, drops of water appear flat and wide and often uneven.

Car wax, when applied properly to a clean car, fills in the larger scratches and layers the whole car. The chemical structure of the wax prevents water from penetrating to the surface of the car. Because the wax itself is hydrophobic (literally "fears water"), the forces of adhesion are much less than the forces of cohesion. So, water is more likely to stick to itself, and water beads up higher and rounder than on an unwaxed car.

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